About Us

Nitesh Prasad,founder of the company with over 20 years of experience in Purchasing, Production Planning, Materials Management, Procurement, Transportation ,Logistics, Sourcing and Supply Chain management. 

Over these years, I have strong purchasing leadership on extensive sourcing, negotiations, risk management, strategy development and implementation. My business is more focused on suppliers network over the world, supplier relationship , supplier performance, strategy discussions, dealing manufacturing operations and working on vendor managed inventory.

Also have wide knowledge as most of the companies today, have less time to spend on market research often more time expediting orders to get the best deal . It is not because they don’t want to but purchasing department itself has been lacked with resources and sustained by other pressures.

We provide the managerial process on reducing purchasing, manufacturing and expediting cost creating a value within individual firms, suppliers, trading partners, and our customers across business boundaries

Our success is assurance of supply, driving value in supplier engagements, improving supplier performance, and helping clients to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We work in hand in hand with our customers to provide insight into industry cost trends and potential product profitability that is valuable in product planning.

Other Experience:

Lean Production
Just in Time models
Kanban system
Continuous improvement in supply chain
Material Requirement Planning
Enterprise Re Planning
Cost reduction
Process efficiency improvements
Engineering & commerical products
Project Managment
Demand Planning & Forecasting

Our aim is WHAT WHEN and WHERE ensuring our customers are fully equipped with quality assurance. We work on PERFECT ORDERS and PERFECT DELIVERIES.

Business Registration : ABN 84 374 547 200

Academic background

Post graduate certificate in Operations Management

Bachelor of Arts (Economics/Management/Marketing)

Diploma In Industrial Relations