Building & Industrial

We have wide national and international network of suppliers  to suit the demands of the building market. Providing extreme durability, and also offering superior design flexibility.

Construction Tools
Power tools - Drill Saws, Generators, Gauges, Inspection Cameras, Drilling machines, Sharpeners, Grinders, Saws, Lattes, Cutters, Compressors, wheel borrows, Heat Guns, Spray Guns,compactor,threading tools,hammer,jack hammer, nail guns, Tile cutter, Mixer cement ,belt machines, cold saws,generatiors…………………..many more

Irrigation fittings
Pumps, auto pressure pumps, fuel nozzle, pump test /spares

Warehousing & Safety Equipment’s
Hand gloves,hard hats, goggles, gloves,ear plugs,signs,all kinds,vechicle safetys,traffic lights, pedestrian control,tapes,floor markings, tape dispenser, industrial tapes…….

Welding Gas & Fittings
Manual arch, welding machines,MIG welding machines,multi process welders,electrodes,Rid & rods, welding hemlets,safety kits, Flint lighters,solder,cutting machines…

Electrical & Industrial lightening
Switches, plugs, down lights,leads,power boards, cable  wire, conduit, tapes, switches,contactors,LED lights,epectrial parts, Fuse..

Tube & Hose Fittings & Valve
Flange steels, steel plates, Screw type fittings, copper, brass, tee, nipples, elbow ball float, filters ,flow control, transmitters.