Warehousing & Fulfilment

Our expertise provides warehouse designs & outlays, stocktakes, functional audits, streamline warehouse cost, work on continues improvements and technology reviews.

Speciality areas :

  • Order Process Management
  • Vendor Manage Inventories
  • Order Fulfilments & Replenishments
  • Return Logistics
  • Barcoding, Labelling
  • Stock Reviews -Slow-moving, Deadstock, ABC analysis
  • Total Control Management.

Transport & Distribution

We provide

  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehouse Outsourcing and Storage-Pick, Pack, Kitting, Labelling etc
  • Freight -Transportation (Air, sea and road )
  • Project Materials Schedule and Management
  • Change Management_Intergated supply chain

Our clients

  • Healthcare
  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Mining and Construction
  • Governments and Council
  • Non-Profit Organization

Outsourcing Engineering Products

Our team is strongly committed to designing and testing engineering products for customers based on safety first system, accredited to ISO9001 negotiating with suppliers on regulatory compliance, sustainability, inspections, transportation, workplace health and well being. We assist in designing project requirements, review production control and monitoring standards.


We have committed to working with our supplier network and partners to improve business procurement and deliver sustainable solutions. Our team work closely on the streaming purchasing process, product risk and maintain a strong relationship with these suppliers to deliver quality assurance.

We have first priority towards industrial and safety products. We maintain effective quality assurance to ISO9001 working with reputable suppliers regulating compliance, sustainability, and perform product audits to deliver the least cost to our customers, Simply we work as a purchasing agent for your company and provide :


  • Technical Expert Advice 7 days 24hours
  • Online Order Enquiry
  • Outsourcing and Product Research
  • Review & Cost Comparison
  • Stock holding and Review on Slow products
  • Warranty Request
  • Return and Refund Policy